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I recently bemcae a vegetarian. The move was not difficult for me, as meat (beef, chicken, fish, etc.) no longer taste as good as 15 years ago. Quick growth harmones and experimental methods, all in the name of the mighty dollar, has removed all flavor from meat protein.My hope is to slowly win my family over to a vegetarian diet. Two books that have influenced my decision are, The New Becoming Vegetarian: The Essential Guide to a Healthy Vegetarian Diet by Vesanto Melina & Brenda Davis, and The Maker's Diet by Jordan Rubin.While the book, The Maker's Diet , does not exclude meats, it does explain the importance of a healthy digestive tract. I learned more from these two books about the effects of vitamins and minerals on my health and well being than I did in twelve years of school.

Falafel sandwich

Falafel sandwich is a popular recipe from Middle East, consists of chickpeas that are shaped into patties.

Falafel sandwich

Melissa J.

I will def. eat their food 2 times a week!


Love the food! The Boys In The Truck Aren't Bad Themselves!

Jennie C

Just ate there today for the first time.. good stuff, going back again!


We had them cater our event we had. Great Food!! Don't forget to try the Baba Ghanoush.. best i've had


You think that your mom is the best cook in the world.. and I hope she doesn't read this, but man what do they put into these sandwiches! The Falafel Sandwiches here are better than my mom or grandma can make them at home.
They taste incredible and melt in your mouth


The Hummus & Baba Ghanoush is to die for! Make sure you get this as an appetizer while they are making your sandwich!

You will want to follow this truck everywhere... yum yum!


if you haven't had this sandwich yet... you are missing out ...

great prices
good service
quick service
quality amazing
portions extremely generous

Adam J.

The Ingredients in this sandwich were extremely Fresh. Seemed like they prepare everything daily.. hands down best Falafel sandwich I've ever had.
Quick & Friendly Service


I work around the corner and this truck was newer than the others.. I wanted to see what the "Yalla Truck" was all about because the few times I've seen the truck there seems to be this huge crowd waiting in line to order these Falafels.. I def see why...now me and my co-workers try to catch them anytime they are by our area.. Our boss liked them so much that we are going to start catering lunch in for all of our meetings from them!
Thanks for the delicious healthy food!!


I'm normally not a big fan of Falafel.. But the mix of the diff. sauces that they use...and amazing time spent on perfecting this Falafel.. Honestly made an explosion in my mouth..and no other sandwich anywhere has ever done that... From great service ( which is hard to find these days ) to amazing prices.. This is def something to brag to your friends about..and If you know anyone in the LA area they cater too!! You def. will NOT be disappointed!!


Best falafel ever! I love all the different kinds of falafel you can get - not just the classic. And the people are the nicest around. I will be following this truck everywhere

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