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I love veggies, but my hubsand is all meat-and-potatoes. Over time, and with lots of tried-and-failed recipes, he has expanded his palate and also trusts me to pick out recipes that will probably taste good to him. I might sound like Jenny here with her love of all things Martha, but try her Everyday Food magazine if you haven't. Lots of simple, yummy, family-friendly recipes. She also has one recipe every month that you make in a double batch to eat one and freeze one for later. I also love a blog called A Veggie Venture, she has hundreds of recipes.


That looks delicious. I am salivating and going to run out to find them right now!


Man, that sounds awesome. The 2 taco combo with drink salad and chips is a good deal too. I'l have to venture over to that part of town sometime soon!

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